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The IIABNJ online learning center offers agents the Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Courses and the NJPAIP/NJCAIP Producer Procedures Course. provides convenient, engaging, and superior quality CE. The online, interactive, multi-media course format allows agents to access CE courses at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. Big 'I' members receive a 35% discount on any CEU course.

abenAlmost every day, ABEN offers agents one, or more, live streaming video webcasts on topics ranging from E&O to Ethics, Pepetuation to Certificates of Insurance, and more. Timely, hot topics, and tried and true necessities are available to meet any education need or CE requirement. Students can participate in a live stream or view archived

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Webinar Schedule - 3 CE Credits 
Please note that all webinars are live and will not be archived for future viewing. 

The Things Kids Get Us Into – 1 – 4 pm
This course focuses on the insurance issues relating to children and explores exposures to loss and insurance implications children create for their parents. We will review some of the protections afforded through the various personal lines policies, endorsements, and discuss ways to provide risk management solutions.

A Walk Around the Farm: Farm Property Considerations – 1 – 4 pm
This webinar will concentrate on often-used ISO Farm Property Coverage Forms with a goal of familiarizing attendees with the structure and coverage intent of this program.

Innovations in Long-Term Care Funding with Life Insurance - 9 am - 12 pm
This webinar will teach insurance professionals about the Long-Term Care dilemma, expense, current financial options, and the innovative and evolving trend in certain life insurance contracts to fund such needs.  Here, we will review the options where the care can be rendered – personal residence, Assisted Care Living facility, Skilled Nursing Facility – as well as the cost, advantages, and potential problems concerning each option. Additionally, we will cover the qualification rules, and care provided by, Medicare and Medicaid, review the coverage and provisions of Long-Term Insurance policies, and discuss the recent innovations that have emerged in the last few years regarding Living Benefits Riders (or policy provisions) that allow certain insurance contracts to provided advances against the death benefit to fund for the Long-Term Care dilemma. 

Health Insurance: Myths, Truths and Solutions – 1 – 4 pm

With the abundance of health insurance-related information, and confusion, being piled onto consumers, an informed insurance professional may prove the safest -and only- port in the storm. This course will debunk common myths about various health insurance products, discuss how they really work, and offer solutions to common problems faced by insurance professionals eager to offer counsel to the confused masses.

Tricks to Fix: Closing Coverage Gaps in Home, Work and Auto – 9 am – 12 pm
Side jobs, change of ownership, borrowed/rented cars, loss assessments, and several other classic coverage concerns are dissected in Tricks to Fix. This course reviews common personal and commercial coverage gaps that- if unresolved- are certain to expose agents to the ferocity that is an angry insured. The situations discussed in this course are far from unusual; these coverage concerns are intentionally pulled from common policies sold daily by agents. This course will challenge you to break the monotony of selling these common policies and see them for what they really are: a contract full of potential pitfalls only avoidable by the most advanced agents. 

Flood Insurance- 1 – 4 pm
This course will provide agents with a basic understanding of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the give attendees the confidence to share this important information with customers.  Completion of this course will satisfy FEMA's 3-hour Basic Flood Insurance Course requirement for agents to sell flood insurance.  

Street Level Ethics - 1 – 4 pm
This course is designed to help insurance professionals polish their ethical instincts and become better decision makers. Through interactive case studies, this course will help participants better understand the ethical decision making process that absolutely must be ingrained in every agency's culture.

Additional Insureds – The Quandary – 1 – 4 pm
This course addresses the seemingly endless challenges posed to agents in the world of Additional Insureds.  We will discuss basic policy coverage for the exposure and how applicable endorsements amend the coverage. Policies reviewed in this course include the Commercial General Liability policy (CGL), Business Auto policy (BAP), Worker's Compensation (WC) and Umbrella. 

How to be the Agent Advocate at Claim Time – 9 am – 12 pm
The goal of this course is to explain the basic process of the adjusting and settlement of property liability insurance claims to eliminate the most common errors. Agents will not only be able to offer more effective assistance to their insureds at time of claim, but also learn to minimize/avoid common agent coverage recommendation mistakes that lead to claims complications or denials.

And the CHAOS Continues: The Evolving World of Contracts, Hold Harmless, Additional Insureds and Other Stuff – 9 am – 12 pm
Insurance professionals are often looked upon as trusted advisers to determine the adequacy of the insured's coverage as it relates to compliance requirements in contracts and other agreements. This course offers insurance professionals a thorough examination into the often confusing world of contracts, hold harmless agreements, various endorsements commonly required by contract, and a variety of other issues. 


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