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IIABNJ offers a wide selection of online CE courses to help independent agents learn at their own pace.

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The IIABNJ online learning center offers agents the Property and Casualty Pre-Licensing Courses and the NJPAIP/NJCAIP Producer Procedures Course. provides convenient, engaging, and superior quality CE. The online, interactive, multi-media course format allows agents to access CE courses at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. Big 'I' members receive a 35% discount on any CEU course.

abenAlmost every day, ABEN offers agents one, or more, live streaming video webcasts on topics ranging from E&O to Ethics, Pepetuation to Certificates of Insurance, and more. Timely, hot topics, and tried and true necessities are available to meet any education need or CE requirement. Students can participate in a live stream or view archived

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April Webinar Schedule - 3 CE Credits 
Please note that all webinars are live and will not be archived for future viewing. 

Construction Defects: Property Damage and the ISO CGL: Tearing Down the Mysteries - April 28, 9 am - 12 pm 
Examine the major issues of claims arising from defective construction and learn the many interpretations of construction defects and the coverage (or lack thereof) for related claims in the CGL. 

May Webinar Schedule - 3 CE Credits

Health Insurance: Myths, Truths and Solutions - 1 - 4 pm
Debunk common myths about various health insurance products, discuss how they really work, and offer solutions to common problems faced by insurance professionals eager to offer counsel to the confused masses.

This course offers insurance professionals a thorough examination into the often confusing world of contracts, hold harmless agreements, various endorsements commonly required by contract, and a variety of other issues. 

Tackle several complicated, yet unavoidable, issues by seeing and understanding the nature and scope of obligations found in leases and contracts, reviewing the response of various insurance policies your insureds purchase, advocating for your insureds, and making changes to the coverage to assist your insureds. 

MAY 15
This course reviews the reasons for the ongoing discussion regarding ethics, the sources for common ethical shortcomings, and the process to minimize bad choices. The course will walk attendees through this polarizing, controversial, and heavily regulated industry.

MAY 16
Home businesses are not always covered under an insured's homeowners policy. Here we'll look to the unendorsed ISO Homeowners forms for coverage, exclusions, and available endorsements. By understanding the limits of the homeowners forms and asking the right risk analysis questions of clients, agents can prevent errors and omissions claims, increase customer retention, and add value to their clients' insurance portfolios.

MAY 18
Learn about the importance of an online presence that minimizes errors and omissions exposure. This course addresses the current state of issues derived from dispersing information online, draws parallels between the current offline E&O practices and those need for online actions, and makes recommendations as to next steps.

MAY 19
Agents will gain a basic understanding of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the ability to share this important information with their customers. Completion of this course will satisfy FEMA's 3-hour basic flood insurance course requirement.

MAY 23
This course provides an overview of the normal retirement funding instruments and the risks associated with each, reviews the tax implication vs various retirement plans - both qualified and non-qualified, and will discuss the diversification and personal liability surrounding various qualified and non-qualified retirement accounts. Get an understanding of what to do with money in qualified accounts, review IRS distribution rules regarding funds in IRAs, and discuss the required minimum distribution rules, including the proper use of beneficiaries.

This course dives into the meticulous nature of commercial property insurance and reviews complicated definitions, vacancy provisions, debris removal coverage, real and personal property lease terms and compliance, leasehold interest, and business income.

MAY 25
The goal of this course is to explain the basic process and eliminate common errors in the understanding of the adjusting and settlement of property liability insurance claims. After taking this course, agents will be more effective at assisting their insureds at the time of a claim, and know how to minimize or avoid common coverage recommendation mistakes that lead to claims complications or denials.

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