Thank you for your 2016 donations. As of January 1, 2017 a new donation year has begun. Please be sure to donate early!
In 2016 the Big 'I' raised over $1 million nationwide for the fourth year in a row! Help us continue to demonstrate our committment to the industry with legislators. The deadline to contribute is December 31, 2017. Don't wait, donate​ today.

Being a multi-million dollar PAC means more than winning races. It means:
  • Protecting agent commissions
  • Strengthening government affairs relationships
  • Having a seat at the table where legislative decisions are being made in Washington D.C.
So Why Should You Care?
InsurPac allows the Big 'I' federal government affairs team to get in front of Legislators and bend their ear on issues important to your business. This means bettering your ability to do your job, improving the insurance market for consumers, and securing the future of your career.

Proof It Matters
Everyday your federal government affairs team is leveraging congressional relationships developed through InsurPac to:
  • Fight against the implementation of the 'Cadillac Tax'
  • Fight against the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Standard that would establish a universal fidcuciary standard of care promulgated by the DOL.
  • Advocating for the renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program with minimal changes prior to the September 2017 expiration.
Proof It Works
Recent federal government affairs wins:
  • Passing of NARAB II legislation
  • Renewal of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA)
  • Passing of the 'Homeowners Flood Affordability Act of 2014'
  • Fighting back against amendments aiming to cut or cap agent commissions on the Farm Bill.

InsurPac is the political action committee of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA). Established in 1975 to complement IIABA’s federal legislative program, InsurPac is the largest property-casualty insurance industry PAC in the country.
By pooling the voluntary and individual financial contributions of thousands of independent agents nationwide, InsurPac helps elect candidates, and re-elect members of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, who share IIABA’s business philosophy in the government affairs department.
In today’s business environment the insurance industry is largely governed by State Legislature and Congress.  It is important that each individual take an active role in the political process by contributing to InsurPac. 
To learn how the Big 'I's Government Affairs Team is working for you, click here or visit the national InsurPac web page.

No contribution is too small.

All employees of member agencies are encouranged to contribute to InsurPac to help IIABA continue working for the independent system in Washington DC.

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Contribution forms, along with a personal check, should be mailed to:

Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.
Political Action Committee
412 First Street, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20003-1804

To donate with a credit card, please contact IIABA at 202-863-7000.

Please be sure to include your agency name and address with your contribution.

As per campaign finance laws, no corporate donations are allowed.