InsurPac Contributors

​​​​​​​​​​​We applaud our members who realize the importance of donating to InsurPac. 
Let's beat our 2016 goal! Donation period runs through December 31, 2017.

2017 Contributors

Allen & Stults - Jerry Ford
Allen & Stults - Cappy Stults
Associated Insurance Partners - Christopher O'Neill
Cettei-Connell - Dave Strout
Hess Group - Rob Hess
IIABNJ - Sheri Acconzo
Leigh Agency - Sheldon Fallon
Leigh Agency - Roberta Fallon
McMahon Agency - Michael Razze
Nelson-Patterson Agency - Scott Caughlan
New Jersey Agents Allisance - Bob Mazey
Nottingham Insurance Agency - Angelo Nicolai
Oliver L.E. Soden Agnecy - Hal Soden, Sr.
Otterstedt Insurance Agency - Joe Parisi
Stanford Agency - Scott Stanford
Tri-County Agency of Brick - Jacki Frank
Van Dyk Group - Dave Wyrsch, Sr.
William R. Mints Agency - Frank Jones